Installation on Linux

Installation from sources

When installing Armadito AV from sources (either tarball or git clone), you must first build it. Refer to section Compilation > Compilation on Linux of this documentation for detailed instructions.

After proper configuration and build of the different parts (core, modules, gui), each part is simply installed by the following command:

$ make install

This will install libraries, tools, header files... in the subdirectories of the PREFIX directory defined at configure time.

This command must be repeated for each directory (core/, modules/*/, gui/).

Care must be take to configure each part with the same prefix so that the different components are installed at their respective locations.

Installation from packages

Ubuntu distributions

Packages for Ubuntu distributions are available at:

URL: <>

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:armadito/armadito-av

Note that this PPA is experimental and that graphical user interface is not yet packaged in a clean way.